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Become a Distributor (or Retailer)

Authorized Distributor
Increase distribution by adding Riola Cosmetics products to your lineup. Your existing accounts will appreciate the value added benefits that Riola Cosmetics products offer. Additionally, you can open the door to new business from new accounts. Enjoy the added revenue and the increased traffic that Riola Cosmetics products create. These products can impressively improve your distribution opportunities. Now is the perfect time to become a Riola Cosmetics Distributor.

Authorized Distributor versus Authorized Retailer
Please note that Authorized Distributors are authorized to commercially distribute Riola Cosmetics products to existing retail outfits; whereas, Authorized Retailers are authorized to retail Riola Cosmetics products from their brick-and-mortar or on-line retail location(s).

How to Apply
Please contact Riola Cosmetics to apply to become an Authorized Distributor or an Authorized Retailer or if you require additional information.