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Tips for Use
For best results follow these guidelines when using Herbal Curls Curling Glaze:
Wash and condition hair. Leave in conditioner. Gently blot out excess water. Use hands rather than a comb. Do not part hair but separate into 4 quarter-sections with clips. At this point, work with one quarter-section at a time. Further subdivide each quarter-section into manageable subsections. From this step, work with one subsection at a time. Start with a dime sized amount of Herbal Curls Curling Glaze. Adjust amount depending on length and thickness of hair as well as desired style.

With closed fingers, smooth product onto hair thoroughly from root to tip. Repeatedly smooth product onto hair until it is evenly distributed and hair is completely glazed. Next, with open fingers, rake product throughout the same section repeatedly until curls become well defined. Continue in this manner throughout each section.

  • For best results use only fingers. A comb or brush is not required or recommended.
  • Herbal Curls Curling Glaze is designed to both style and detangle as it is applied. Separate detangling is unnecessary. Both tangles and shed hair will easily be removed during styling.
  • Hair should be only slightly damp, never soaking wet. It is not necessary to re-wet hair during styling. A cotton t-shirt is better for drying hair than a terry cloth towel. To dry always blot, never rub hair which causes friction, creates frizz and leads to split ends. After blotting it is best to allow hair to air dry.
  • To speed up drying time; while still in the shower, gently squeeze excess water from hair. Once out of the shower, gently blot hair. Wrap hair with an old cotton t-shirt and leave on while getting dressed. Once dressed, remove t-shirt and apply product.

NIGHT ROUTINE: To preserve curls overnight, pull hair into a high loose ponytail and cover loosely with a silk or satin scarf or bonnet.

MORNING ROUTINE: To maintain curls in between washings or to revive next-day curls, section hair into 2 large sections. Wet hands then rub a very small amount of Herbal Curls Curling Glaze between your palms. Work with one half-section at a time. Apply product by raking it throughout hair. It is not necessary to wet your hair. Style as desired.

OPTIONAL: For added moisture, after hair has been washed and conditioned (but before applying Herbal Curls Curling Glaze) place a disposable shower cap over the hair. Then use a heating cap for 20 minutes. Do not rinse out the conditioner. Then apply Herbal Curls Curling Glaze as described above. Style as desired.

OPTIONAL: To achieve a different look for your naturally curly hair, use spiral curlers with Herbal Curls Curling Glaze. This allows you to create curls with a different diameter and spiral look.

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