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Women's Glaze
Herbal Curls Curling Glaze for Women is a moisturizing styling gel for naturally curly hair; a curling gel for natural hair. Use this hair gel to get soft, shiny, bouncy curls that your naturally curly hair will love.

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Men's Glaze
Defeat your frizz and conquer your curls with Herbal Curls Curling Glaze for Men, a styling gel for men. This is not your little brother's styling gel. It's a hair gel for men. Take your a-game to a whole new level. You know you want to.

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Monster's Glaze
Herbal Curls Curling Glaze for Monsters is a moisturizing hair gel for children, designed specifically for your kid's curly hair. The pain free application means perfect curls for your kid; Super Hero status for you. Rock on.

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